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Aman Kang

Owner & Lead Event Planner

Amri and Co. is owned and operated by Aman Kang. 

After years of experience in producing events for the philanthropic and private sectors, it wasn’t until her wedding that she realized that her passions lie with the sublime beauty for organic and contemporary designs and the purest forms of emotions that are evoked within weddings.


A hopeless romantic at heart, her adoration for wedding planning derives from the desire to see others celebrating a form of love that sets them free. 

Amri and Co. founded in 2020, was brought to life through a love for intentional designs, seamless executions, and an appreciation for culture and multi-sensory experiences. 

With an adoration for an intimate and luxurious atmosphere, Aman thrives in creating a place of unearthed raw beauty & otherworldly romance and for guests to immerse themselves in an experience authentic to the couple they’re there to celebrate. 

Outside Amri & Co, Aman resides in Eastern Washington with her other half, Ricky, and puppy, Olive. 

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